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South Indian Mehandi Artists in Hyderabad, South Indian Mehandi in Hyderabad, South Indian Mehandi Designer in Hyderabad, South Indian Mehandi with price in Hyderabad. Mehndi is always traditional yet exciting part or wedding ceremony in Hyderabad. In Indian weddings, has special importance in customs and rituals which is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony or before marriage. Mehandi ceremony is always played an integral part of the marriage ceremony which cannot be imagined without. Furthermore, Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride and her beauty is incomplete without it Mehandi. Mehndi ceremony usually takes place just before the wedding. According to the individual ritual, and our rituals say that the bride does go outside the house before this ceremony. Mehndi ceremony is essentially arranged by the family of the bride. However, this ceremony depends upon individual or family choice. Some people celebrate it with huge function.

In South India, Mehandi is called as "Marudhaani" and is used in the form of ground fresh leaves rather than as dried powder (mehndi). It is left on overnight, and lasts longer than mehndi (a month or more), depending on the plant and how well it is ground and how long it is left on the hands and feet. Marudhaani or Mehandi is used in various festivals and celebrations.

That is why we have respect towards south Indian cultural rituals & we have a different set of Mehandi Styles & designs which is made my or south Indian Mehandi artist who is working with us in Hyderabad.